In the land of 7 billion people…

Today’s ‘Thinking Out Loud post is taking a small twist and shall be in the form of poetry.

The air around the poem is melancholic, akin to the lull that surrounds this winter season. The trees are barren and dusk sets in early. We wander about in pensive thoughts. A small entity of this huge universe, yet so distinct. The connection between two people feels so obstructed. Loneliness sets in. Love, is no longer widespread. Hope seems dead before it even arises. The state of the future, sets in more anxiety and fear. Our self-worth seems to be questioned. The hunt for our passion seems to be a lost cause. We feel suppressed, unable to express. Left to wonder, will life ever be better again.

Hope you enjoy this poem!


In the land of 7 billion people,
Will we all unify like a steeple?
Inquires I, a lonely lost soul,
Life of whom, is dark as coal.

In the land of 7 billion people,
Desolation only seems to triple
Our life breaths, verily disconnected
Walls of separation, steadily erected.

In the land of 7 billion people,
Love is implied to be the staple
Why can’t I feel it around me
Maybe I’m trivial, as small a pea.

In the land of 7 billion people,
Hope is to burgeon like a ripple,
But, caged to feel like an inmate,
Will I break free, all this weight!

In the land of 7 billion people,
Anxiety hits, thinking the sequel,
Future of mine, nothing but foggy,
Present mental state, oh so groggy!

In the land of 7 billion people,
My worth, maybe, cheap as diesel,
Carving an identity in this field,
A heap of talent, still concealed.

In the land of 7 billion people,
What art to place on the easel,
The concept of passion, afar a mile,
Search of my purpose, oh so futile.

In the land of 7 billion people,
Voice of mine feels lost and feeble.

In the land of 7 billion people,
Will life of mine, be impeccable?



Dear Half-Marathoner (#003)

Wondering what all these letters are? Check out my first letter and second letter to myself for more details. Every week, I shall be writing a letter to the future half-marathoner of 26 March 2017, sending out good vibes, keeping her training in check and overall pushing her from today until race day. Hope you enjoy it!

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Dear 26 March Self,

Today’s my third letter to you. In 4 weeks, you’ll be tip toeing to the start line of your first half-marathon. This week was the penultimate week of high mileage before taper time. You definitely felt that fact hit you like a brick throughout the week. It’s alright! Before I go on to give you some advice, let’s recap all that you accomplished this week:

Your legs felt like lead even for an easy 4 mile run. As with every Monday, you had to lace up after an uber long day at work. So, pat yourself on the back for actually getting your run in. Also, below is what you posted in the heat of the moment. Remember these golden words always.
4 mile splits –> 17:12, 16:45, 16:40, 16:09

Some days will suck. Period. Embrace it! Today was one such day. After being on my toes the entire day at work followed by piano lessons and getting home late, I thought lacing up would be the hardest part of tonight's run. Turns out, that was the easiest. My legs felt heavy and my breathing felt heavier. After a mile, when I stopped to give up was when I asked myself, why am I doing all this? On such days is when we really need to pause, forget about the intimidating goal ahead and reflect on our intent. Are we really doing all this for one coveted goal or for something sustainable forever. It's alright that you didn't go too far today, you at least marched ahead. It's alright to pause in retrospect. Don't honey bees also pause momentarily before producing the ambrosial honey???

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Your favorite hill repeats. Physically, you felt like death. I guess, that’s because of those amazing paces that you hit!!!
6x 400 m @13:14, 12:49, 12:22, 12:52, 12:02, 13:25 min/mile

Mandatory rest day!

Not a mandatory rest day. You were off from work on Friday and hence decided to switch up your runs and take an extra rest day.

Let’s just say that today wasn’t the day you envisioned. You’re partly to blame, not completely. So don’t beat yourself up for it. Here’s the gist!

Let's talk about today! A day off from work which automatically translated for a runner as a day to get my long run in. In fact, my longest run of this training cycle (and lifetime). Slept through my alarm and hence, I didn't lace up until noon (red flag #1). Physically, I felt horrible. My legs were super heavy and have been this whole week (red flag #2). I know my foam roller is staring at me from the corner. Mentally, I was just filled with so many doubts and just didn't believe it was possible (red flag #3). Environmentally, it was 72 F. After training this entire weather in cold climates, I wasn't ready for all the heat and sunshine (red flag #4). I had two stressful back-to-back days and didn't hydrate or fuel myself much (red flag #5). I really tried to finish off my run, if not the long run of 11 miles, at least a good 4 mile tempo run. But somehow, I wasn't enjoying it one bit. Sadly, it's not one of those 'drum rolling' stories where I conquered my fears and doubts and pushed past them. Gave up after 30 minutes on the struggle bus and walked home. . . This little packet of joy arrived at my doorstep as I got home. It was definitely a reminder to me that it's alright. There will be days when nothing goes right. But, always, one thing is under your control, which is your attitude. BELIEVE at least you can do it. That's the only thing that will help you ENDURE all the physical discomfort and ACHIEVE your goals. Time to throw my fears out and try again on Sunday! . . #needgoodvibes #believe #endure #achieve @momentumjewelry #sharethespark #itsalright #tryagaintomorrow #yougotthis #firsthalfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #phillyloverun #1monthtogo #13point1 #bmorerunners #sweatpink #iamempowered

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You took it off today. You weren’t up for a run today. What you really did well today was hydrate – 100 oz. of water and Nuun!!!!

Again, you slept pretty late last night and hence, long run this morning did not happen. No regrets! You did have a nice girls day out filled with yummy brunch and ‘The Lion’ at the movies. But, after all fun and play, it was time to get down to business and get your long run in. Because, who likes to spend next week in its entirety in guilt and regret, am I right?
11.03 miles @17:17 min/mile {3:10:30 on your feet; that ain’t no joke}
Splits –> 17:53, 18:05, 16:52, 19:33, 17:04, 17:04, 17:02, 18:05, 17:04, 16:05, 15:20 

Overall, you’ll give this week a 7.5 on 10. Wasn’t your best week, or didn’t go as planned. But, lessons well learnt. The good included getting a solid interval run and long run. Your first 11 miler ever!! There was significant head wind in the first few miles. But, it just prepared you better for race day. Great job on picking up your pace for the last three miles. The bad definitely included skipping your tempo run all together and running only 3 days a week. It’s alright. You have one more whole week before you begin taper. Don’t worry too much about your legs feeling heavy right now. Apparently, the running gurus say it is normal. You’ll feel better on race day. You’re almost there. So, take each day as it comes. Be smart and cautious!! Love each day!!

Your T-4 weeks self

PS: Believe Endure Achieve


Running Genie, Grant These Wishes!

Today’s post is a super fun link-up with PattyErika, and Marcia for their ‘Tuesdays on the Run‘ series. It’s about three wishes for the running genie. I definitely have a couple of them. But, I was able to pick out my top three ones to ask him. Do check out their posts and a bunch of other bloggers for what we, as a running community wish for.


First Wish – No Injuries
Hey genie, with my first half-marathon around the corner, I feel so blessed to have come this far in my training. Everything is going as scheduled. There are good days, there are bad days. My top most wish to you would be to fly me through the rest of training with no injuries. Being a ‘heavy’ runner, it was one of my apprehensions to join the sport. I am always in awe of my growing strength each day. Let those slight twinges here and there, be just in my head. 

Second Wish – Mental Strength
Hey genie, you know what all this is about. After all, you think and believe in it, in order for you to will it. I usually go out with a positive attitude that I can do it. But, you know. I am human and sometimes, that’s always not the case. On race day, could you give me the best possible mental grit. I am also going to work on it until then. But, just add your magic to it too please. 

Third Wish – Spread The Love
Hey genie, if my other two were just wishes, you can call this my command. It took me 26 years to start running and there are absolutely no regrets about joining in the love so late. Better late than never, am I right? Words can’t describe how much positivity and self-esteem this sport has given me. But, I am having a hard time convincing my friends (the real life ones) about how awesome this sport is. Could you just get them started please? I am trying! Just a little nudge from your end will do wonders. 

As always, love you running genie!

If the running genie were to grant you 3 running wishes, what would they be?


Dear Half-Marathoner (#002)

Wondering what all these letters are? Check out my first letter to myself for more details. Every week, I shall be writing a letter to the future half-marathoner of 26 March 2017, sending out good vibes, keeping her training in check and overall pushing her from today until race day. Hope you enjoy it!

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Dear 26 March Self,

Today’s my second letter to you. In 6 weeks (wait, is it five?), you’ll be tip toeing to the start line of your first half-marathon. I know 6 weeks sounds so close. But, look at how far you have come in the past 6 weeks. The night before your first 8 miler, you were freaking out. You were behind your training schedule A LOT… You missed a 6-miler and a 7-miler. Thanks to those holidays! At this stage, you were planning to give up on training (and get an early refund) because you didn’t have any hope. Three miles was still a struggle for you. But, look at all that you have you accomplished this week:

What better way to start my week with some good earned rest. It was a day for an easy run. But, considering you were going to be off on Wednesday, you decided to just enjoy a rest day after work and get in some piano lessons for relaxation.

Hill repeats: Yeah, we have a love-hate relationship with hills. They make me want to kill my coach, but all said and done, but I bet you’ll be so thankful for these on race day. Overall you did great! You did 3x different hills, each twice – fast run uphill and slow jog downhill. Light easy run as you shuffled between each hill. A total of roughly 2.68 miles. You definitely felt so much stronger compared to last month when you did them and couldn’t get past 5 hill repeats.

Ahhhhh – your day off from work. Remember how you enjoyed this day so much! It’s always alright to take a pause when life becomes overwhelming. Give yourself all that self-love that you deserve. You’ll only come back stronger and braver. The plan was to do Monday’s easy run today. You thought 4 miles – not bad, I can get that done. The good weather and the properly fueled breakfast (with coffee of course), lead it to a solid tempo run.
Warm up: 1.48 miles @17:49/mile
Tempo: 1.35 miles @14:44/mile –> How did that happen?
Cool down: 1.53 miles @16:51/mile

This weather has got to stop fluctuating! You felt feverish all over and decided to skip your easy run for this week.

Mandatory rest day! It’s alright you missed an easy 4-mile run on Thursday. You can always make up for it. I made sure to eat really healthy and drink loads of fluids in preparation for your tomorrow’s long run. Also, good 8 hours of solid sleep. You’ll thank me tomorrow.

Long Run by the Baltimore Promenade. You’ve run this route a bunch of times. And yet, hugging the water as you run, makes it so much easier. It was a quasi cutback week. So, you did 8 miles @15:52/mile in 2:06:59
Splits –> 14:37, 15:38, 17:32, 16:09, 16:04, 15:21, 15:53, 15:45/mile
We need to have some serious talk on those uneven splits. And what’s with taking your first mile that fast? That’s faster than your 5k pace.

Well, this recovery run hasn’t yet happened as I write this letter to you. You’re in need of some motivation. But, I promise you, once this blog post is up, you’ll be doing either a 30 min recovery run or 30 min of yoga for some relaxation.

Overall, you felt happy about the week. You didn’t obsess about missing a run. Good job on keeping it cool. Great hill repeats. Solid tempo run of 14:44/mile. That’s your 5k pace. Good job on that. Your long run was definitely a huge confidence booster. But, could you please learn how to pace better? If not, at least start off conservatively. You did feel amazing after your long run, in spite of the fast start. Thumbs up on that! You had absolutely no soreness. Double thumbs up on that. It just shows that in order to achieve anything, you got to put in all the hard work that you can. There are no shortcuts in training! You ran your long run at half-marathon pace. Good job on that! But, slow down next week so that you don’t blow yourself out at the end. Next week is not easy girl. It’s 12 solid miles. For the first time ever. So be good about your food and water throughout the week. Take each day as it comes. You have two more super heavy weeks of running, before it’s taper time. So, be smart and cautious! You’re almost there. 

Your T-6 weeks self

PS: You don’t know Math. It’s 5 weeks until your half-marathon. Not six.


It’s alright to pause…

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity!”
– Katrina Mayer

Yesterday was one of those ‘perfect’ days. Not because I did it all. But because, I didn’t do anything at all. I took a day off from work (thanks to my vacation days expiring). After a long Monday and an even longer Tuesday, I didn’t want to plan tasks ahead of time for my day off. Instead, I decided to wait until the sun was sighted at the horizon and spend the day by feel.

Breakfast Time:
The day started off with treating myself to some good breakfast and coffee. That’s always my go-to stress buster – taking the time out for some breakfast, unplugged from humanity, but deeply plugged into my thoughts. Here’s a little teaser for what I usually do when I’m in the zone! Once a breakfast person, always a breakfast person!!!


Parents Time:
Post breakfast, I had a nice long chat with my parents on Skype. Of course, my mom ridiculed my new haircut. Typical mother-daughter relationship! It felt so good to chat with them without the restriction of time. We don’t realize it, but as we get older, so are they. And for all that they’ve done for us, all they ask from us is our time (Yes, they read this blog….Or I think so…. I’m hoping all this public praising will lead to a generous gift to their daughter).

Run Time:
As a runner, the first thought we have when we have a day off is……extra time to run! And that’s exactly what I did. The weather was perfect at 10 am. Repped my a day ‘old’ Charm City Run top and made a trip to Lake Montebello. The serenity of water bodies always warms my heart. Planned for a nice easy run. But, it ended up being a solid tempo run. More on that in my next half-marathon letter to myself. I guess, performance increases automatically when you’re calm and composed.


Productivity Time:
Those pumped up endorphins after the run definitely was put to good use. It’s been a 6-month cleaning marathon at my place. Thanks to the Marie Kondo’s decluttering techniques (more on that sometime soon). I, finally, had the time to give away 6 bags of stuff that l’ll probably never use. If you haven’t heard of her, do check out her book. It’s definitely life changing! She’s a genius, to say the least.



Dinner Time:
The highlight of the evening! I like trying out new recipes and treating myself every now and then. The feeling of whipping up something good is SO satisfying – for the heart and the tummy. Time, energy and motivation – all aligned yesterday! And the result was Red Thai Curry with Tofu. Totally hit the spot! Yes, it took me longer to take the perfect ‘Instagram’ pic than actually making it. Like the icing on an already perfect day, my very close friend and confidant dropped by. It’s been about 4 months since we met and it felt so refreshing to just chat about life. It was slightly late, yet perfect Galentine’s Date with her. She’s still alive, so I’m going to call dinner a hit!


Self-love, although outwardly might seem like a vanity based affair, it is but in fact, the best gift you can give yourself. It’s alright to take a pause in life, every once in a while. Doesn’t mean you shirk your duties. Even taking 10 minutes a day to do what makes your soul content, can go a long way in boosting your outward productivity. We’re constantly like little bees buzzing around to bring out the sweetness in our lives. But, even a bee has to pause momentarily before it can produce the ambrosial honey. By giving yourself the love you deserve, your inner being is suffused with love to give out as well. After all, can you really pour out of an empty cup?


Dear Half-Marathoner (#001)

It’s no secret that I am training for my first half-marathon. For many a days, I toyed with the idea of whether to blog about my training or not. I mean, it’s just regular miles being logged in. Plus, I wasn’t sure if training logs from a (super) slow runner like me will benefit anyone. But, nevertheless, I decided to start this week. I believe in writing my goals to make them happen. And in this tech savvy world, writing = blogging, am I right? Every week, I shall be writing a letter to the future half-marathoner of 26 March 2017, sending out good vibes, keeping her training in check and overall pushing her from today until race day. Hope you enjoy it!

I’m linking up with Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC for her Training Recap linkup and HoHo and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap! Do check out their training and other bloggers for some real inspiration!

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Dear 26 March Self,

Today’s my first ever letter to you. In 7 weeks, you’ll be tip toeing to the start line of your first half-marathon. You’ve spent the last 24 hours really really really (like for real) doubting yourself. If you’ll ever be in any close shape to reach the finish line of your first half-marathon. If you were a big dumbo to sign up for it. If it’s high time to call it a day and back out. If you’ll look stupid doing so after all that rant on social media. What were you thinking? You and half-marathon? Not even remotely your forte. But this week, you flushed all those doubts out of your system once and for before D-day. This whole thing is getting real. Look at what all you accomplished this week:

Easy Run; 4 miles @16:14/mile (1:04:57)
After all that self-doubt over the weekend, you felt so strong today. You even did a 14:42 third mile. You go gal!

6x 400m repeats around the park – 14:20, 14:03, 13:32, 14:05, 13:38, 13:53
Holy moly! You felt even stronger than yesterday, especially after a super long day, you were so sure this run would be horrible, but look at you.

Mandatory rest day – you know how I like making you take them really seriously right? I treated you to some good self-pampering manicure.

Tempo run day – You felt crappy all over. Thanks to having four back-to-back 12 hour days. You just wanted to rest it up and binge on some Netflix. And I decided to honor your body today. I’ve been making you run around a lot lately (pun totally intended). The extra rest day today will make you feel much better for Saturday’s long run.

Mandatory rest day! The entire day was spent exercising trying to exercise my positive mindset in anticipation for your tomorrow’s long run.

Long Run by Loch Raven Reservoir
10.02 miles @17:54/mile in 2:59:20 (Fastest mile: 16:04)
You planned to do 12 miles. But, since it was super hilly, you decided to have 10 quality miles than 12 crappy miles. Definitely slower than what you intended, but with a 523 ft elevation gain, weren’t you glad I got at least 10 done? Remember how super sore you were after running 10 miles on 19 Jan (your first 10-miler). Look at you today feeling so strong and badass! You even went to work straight and then met up with friends, without feeling like death.

Recovery Run – 30 minutes with some peppy Bollywood tunes (1.74 miles @17:26)

Overall, you did great this week. You hydrated really well! You got almost all your runs in, except your tempo run on Thursday. All quality runs you’re happy about. You didn’t give up on yourself at all. Stop all this self doubt right now. Run now. Fear later. Also, you’re good at your pre-run dynamic stretches. How about you become a bit more serious about your post-run foam rolling. Agreed, you’re not feeling as sore as before when you first started running, but nonetheless, you’ve upped your mileage like crazy in the past 8 weeks. Enjoy every run and every moment of this training. I know you are already and happily surprised by all that you’re capable of doing. You’re currently stronger than you’ve ever been. Love life and keep running!

Your T-7 weeks self


The Ultimate Coffee Date (Feb 2017)

Is it February already? The number guys say that amongst people who make new year resolutions, only 58.4% make it past one month (Source). Let’s say, I might be one among the 41.6% – if not completely, at least partly. Blogging – writing everyday and posting at least once a week, SO did not happen! Turns out my previous post was the January edition of the ultimate coffee date. Yes my readers, that was the plan….to give you all good continuity (*wink wink).

Join me in my second ever coffee date with Coco and Deb and some
awesome bloggers and get to know what everyone’s up to!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
I am a Nuunbassador! That’s the highlight and an amazing kick start to the year 2017. I
t feels overwhelmingly humbling to be a teeny tiny part of the Nuun Universe or Nuuniverse (#NuunJargon), amongst so many fantastic athletes!! I feel like a tiny drop in this vast ocean (pun totally intended). If you still don’t know what is Nuun (pronounced like moon with an ‘n’. Oh wait! That’s like the word ‘noon’), head out to their website and check out their amazing products. I know I am using them (extensively) for my first half-marathon training – during my long runs, tempo runs, good runs, bad runs and non-run days to hydrate myself and keep my electrolyte balance in check. Basically, to not pass out at work. Haha! My favorites are hands down Lemony Lime and Blueberry Pomegranate. And yes, if you have to know, I already used abused my ambassador discount. (*wink)


(Did I also mention that Team Nuun is the first one I am a part of) 

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
Speaking of half-marathon training, I had my first double digit run of this lifetime! 10 miles! Still feels surreal. It definitely bolstered my conviction that ‘I can do it’. It may seem hard. Life may be busy all the time because of training. But, at the end of the day, I know it’s all going to be worth it for that one moment of triumph of my own belief over my fears. It’s pretty intimidating for a total newbie runner like me. So, accepting only positive vibes and any good advice until then. I definitely couldn’t do it if I didn’t have the support of ‘Charm City Run‘. Now I know, why they were awarded the best in the business in 2016.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
That work conference I was telling you about in Palm Springs, CA, went REALLY well. They had good scientific sessions and I definitely got to network with loads of Mass Spectrometric experts and geeks like me. My work was well appreciated, too well appreciated I would say. A $100 award in the poster contest – not too shabby for me. I am eyeing a good deep tissue massage this month. Did I already tell you that everything hurts during half marathon training including body areas I didn’t know existed? 


If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
Speaking of being tired all the time, my current mantra for anything in life right now couldn’t be better described than this pair of socks! Snagged this cutesy stuff in downtown Palm Springs (Nope, sadly didn’t get to meet the Obamas!). One day…one day!! A girl is allowed to dream right?


If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
I know I know….it’s been too much of half-marathon talk off late. It’s a disease (albeit a healthy one). But, something non-running related for now. I started piano lessons this week. I have always wanted to learn the piano! Especially after learning the harmonium for 6 long years, I knew that piano was my next musical call. In life, I’ve started to believe in and asking myself, ‘If not now, then when?‘ Definitely had a piano expert as friend who motivated me to get started on it. 

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
I am hoping that February turns out to be a good training month for me. The plan is simple, which is to stick to the plan and just run. When there is no motivation, look through Instagram posts of total strangers or watch Kelly‘s ‘BQ or Bust’ videos or just read through my favorite magnet (snagged at downtown Manhattan) and remind myself each day that ‘I Got This‘. 



If we were having coffee…..

It’s no secret that I like love coffee. I mean, who doesn’t? With 2017 already well in (is it already 10 days?), my one major goal was to blog more often. Writing is definitely cathartic and I actually love writing. Talking to real humans is too much work. I decided what better way to kick start this week of blogging than joining Coco and Deb on ‘The Ultimate Coffee Date‘. Do check out their blogs and other link-up blogs to get to know what everyone’s upto!

The Ultimate Coffee Date


Now sit back and relax! Let me pour you a cup of Madhuri’s special coffee (where half my salary is spent on) and chat on my life’s happenings:

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
It’s no secret that I am currently training for my first half marathon. But, what is a secret (until now) was that I was doubting my decision of signing up for the race A LOT! I mean, 13 miles felt like only 13 miles when I signed up in September. For the last 2 weeks especially, I have been on the fence about it. Even 2 miles was hard hard hard work! But, Saturday came and everything changed. Long story short, I ran 8 miles for the first time ever and that too, without a break and with not so favorable climactic conditions. Can I just put my humbleness aside for a minute and call myself a freaking Badass!! It definitely renewed my spirits and now I truly believe, it was stupid of me to lose confidence this early in the game. I still need to log in more miles and more
hours of happy running, before I tip toe to that start line. 

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
After my amazing run on Saturday, what stopped running was my dear phone. Guess she needs her rest days too! For the past four days, I’ve been this gal of the modern age, living in the stone age. No phone!!! I mean, what is society going to think of me? I am a social pariah!! Oh no…my life is verily over! Just kidding. It hasn’t been all that bad. Of course, there are mild adjustments to be made. But, it feels sooooo good to be disconnected. I still do check social media and my emails (I wouldn’t sound this upbeat about the whole situation if my phone and computer crashed on the same day). It has indeed felt positively different to pause on this split brain attention that we have. The constant drift from our focus when the phone buzzes with notifications!!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
You would think I was super productive over this weekend, with no phone and being snowed in for the most part. Partially true. I spent the rest of my Saturday resting up from my long run and binging ‘heavily’ on Madam Secretary on Netflix!! Sunday was spent creatively making and editing a video for this service organization I belong to. I love cutting myself off from the whole world and delving into my creative side. Always re-assuring to know that I have figured out this whole adult life and I am extremely sure of my ‘back-up’ career.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…
Speaking of snow, I am more than excited to be headed off to Palm Springs, CA next week. The thoughts of bright sunshine and hard rocky mountains and the opportunity to run outside without any of those winter paraphernalia….ahhhhh it’s already giving me the warmth! Relax Madhuri, you still have 4 more months of hard core winter left.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you…

I am enjoying 2017 thus far. I’ve decided not to fret about the little things and not to beat myself up when I don’t achieve the so-called Madhuri’s perfection! Just taking one day at a time, doing what ticks my heart at that moment (for example, writing this post mostly about running instead of actually running) and just smiling! 🙂

To more coffee dates in 2017!



From 2016 to 2017

2016 – the year it was!!! The year I became interested in this whole fitness thing, started my blog, co-authored a book chapter, graduated from an illustrious international youth leadership program, had my painting selected to be a part of a permanent display at Hopkins, started meditating, started bullet journaling, got to see Adele live in concert, had the opportunity to be a part of a blog hop and meet fellow bloggers, celebrated my 5 year anniversary in Baltimore, spent quality time with family, to name a few. It was also a year of some pain. But, that’s life I guess. It comes with its ups and downs. After all, even a straight line on an ECG doesn’t indicate life. 

Shoutout to the #bestnine2016 feature available for use on instagram for collating some of my most cherished moments pictorially. 


While 2016 was a year when I achieved several personal goals I set for myself, it also largely helped regroup my thoughts, my priorities, delineate my needs and wants in a better fashion and achieve an overall balance in life. It taught me that life is always going to be busy. But, taking the time to do what makes your heart tick goes a long way in your overall well being. 

2017 is going to be no less! More goals, more inspiration and more energy to attack the year ahead. So, here goes my blog post of goals for the year 2017 (how original are we bloggers!). 

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in”

  1. Eating healthy and wholesome food: Basically eating food made up of real ingredients and made in my very own kitchen, with the occasional cheat day.
  2. Hydrating well: I am one of those who never remembers to drink water. I mean, it’s too much work. I did buy some pretty cute water bottles. Anything to help me work towards this goal.
  3. Working out: This seems to be easier now. My fear is life will get busy and it will take a set back. Training for my first half marathon is definitely keeping me on track (for now).
  4. Headspace: Health is definitely a triple alliance of the mind, body and soul. While my top three goals concentrate more on the physical aspects, using headspace (this amazing app for meditation) has definitely helped me achieve good mental health as well. I love headspace, yet I never seem to do it every day. I definitely do it on stressed out days. But, it makes me wonder, if I’d have fewer stressful days if I did meditate regularly. Maybe?

“Being creative is not a hobby. It’s a way of life”

  1. Reading: The best thing about my long commute is that it has renewed my interest in reading. Fiction, non-fiction, blogs, etc. Anything! I really enjoy the 20-30 minutes I get to read on my commute, and my goal for 2017, would be to keep up with it.
  2. Music: Ahhhh! This was something that definitely fell off the bandwagon in 2016. My sole priority was health and rest all came secondary. I love singing and scaring off my neighbors. I love playing my harmonium and waking up all the stray dogs. Yet, I never found myself willfully going back to it. To kickstart this year, I signed up for piano lessons. Hoping to hear back soon!
  3. Art: 2016 was definitely a good year in this aspect. I touched that paint brush after 9 years (read about it here and here). But, as the year winded down, this took a set back and I found myself doodling, but never doing anything constructive. Painting those intricate strokes definitely helps take the mind off the “hardships” of adult life.
  4. Blogging: A good advise I received from being part of Kristy‘s blog hop was that, to be a better writer, you need not post an article everyday. But, you will have to write everyday. I usually find myself searching for a huge chunk of time to sit and write an article. Some of those days click. Some don’t. But, in 2017, even if it’s a short paragraph, I would love to sit down for 10 minutes a day and write something. Anything. Regardless whether I publish it or trash it.

“Be more concerned with your character than reputation. Because, your character is who you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are”

  1. No complaining/More gratitude: I plan to have a one-line-a-day policy to list out my reason for a simple thank you to the universe for that day. I have done it in the past and it always feels heartening to go back to it several months later when life feels lull. The no complaining and have more gratitude kind of go hand and hand.
  2. Ego check: The head can swell at a pretty rapid rate. The saddest part is you don’t feel the swell until it reaches a stage where it can’t swell any longer. I guess, 2017 would include being more conscious about my ego and tame the arrogance.
I am so excited to see what 2017 can bring for me! With renewed hope, fresh optimism and extra bundles of motivation, I am ready to start 2017. Are you?  So, what are your goals for 2017?



Thinking Out Loud – 02

Hola! In case you were wondering if I were alive, I shall let you know…. I am!!! It’s been almost 2 whole months since this blogger posted on her very own blog. Let’s just say for now, that I was wallowing in my own life’s whirlpool. Today’s post is a ‘thinking out loud’ post of the small pleasures that have come my way in the recent past.

Black Friday Shopping Spree: I say it to myself every year that it’s a scam and yet, I find myself checking out awesome deals each year. So much for self-restraint. I definitely gave into my temptation (not a lot) and jumped to grab the Alexa Echo Dot. She wakes me up each day, she sings for me, she puts me to bed, she reminds me of errands to run, she cracks me up, she soothes my mind, etc etc. It’s almost like you don’t need a partner at home if you have her. Need I say any more?


Bullet Journaling: Although it’s been 4 months since I got started, I am still addicted to my Bullet Journal. Check out my post on how to get started if you haven’t yet. It’s the one thing I can rely on to keep me in check and all of life’s happenings, yet not getting me too distracted from my daily goals. Always be a GOAL digger!


Quiet Days of Reflections: Among the hustle bustle of life, some days, you just need to put a pause on everything revolving around you, and kick back with a good book and a cup of coffee. This really cute bookshop cum coffee place opened near my place, and I have been so excited! Check out ‘Bird in Hand‘ if you haven’t yet.


Christmas at NYC: Traveling for the holidays was the last thing that was on my mind. The last minute plans are indeed the best plans. New York City was decked up in all its glory – so much festivity and lights galore. Even if you didn’t celebrate christmas, just seeing everyone come together and spend quality time with loved ones, was what NYC symbolized. That electricity bill that will be be around the corner! And we thought, only we had to foot expensive bills.



Secret Santa Presents: Speaking of christmas, this year, we did secret santa at my workplace. While it’s fun to receive presents (obviously!), it was all the more fun to spend time to carefully pick out gifts for others, wrap them up with the fanciest of wrappers, and also, wait to see the expressions of anticipation and surprise as everyone opened theirs. On a totally side note, that’s what I got!


Holiday Cards: Whatever happened to the old fashioned ways of sending greeting cards to one and all with an added special personal touch. I love sending out holidays greetings to my loved ones and co-workers, right before the start of the holidays. I must confess (publicly on my blog), it completely slipped my mind this year until my brother sent out his. Like this amazing sister that I am, I totally stole his lines and to top it all, made him make a card for me too. Hey hey, it was easy for him. All he had to do was change the first name. After all, what are brothers for!

I leave you with some good wishes for the exciting year ahead!


Linking up with Amanda’s TOL series. Do check out her cute blog when you get a chance.