Kind (vs) Nice

‘Kind’ and ‘Nice’ - both four letter words of similar connotation. Yet, each of them express a very different emotion based on perception and intention. With three contrastive alphabets between them, the identical one is the prominent ‘I’. A single letter by itself, but the extent of its expression brings about the distinction between kind … Continue reading Kind (vs) Nice

From 2016 to 2017

2016 - the year it was!!! The year I became interested in this whole fitness thing, started my blog, co-authored a book chapter, graduated from an illustrious international youth leadership program, had my painting selected to be a part of a permanent display at Hopkins, started meditating, started bullet journaling, got to see Adele live … Continue reading From 2016 to 2017

Death… A Reality of Life!

It took me a good whole month to muster up the courage to write on this theme: Death... this bitter, but absolute reality of life. I am sure you must be wondering. "What is this 27 year old kid going to say about it?" Agreed. I didn't know much about it until recently and whatever I … Continue reading Death… A Reality of Life!

The Secret…It works!

Vacation 2016 has wrapped up and Ms. Ponder is back to the grind. If you've been following me on Facebook, most of you know by now that I had THE best vacation I could have asked for. I still carry all the positivity and high energy garnered the past month and I am finding ways … Continue reading The Secret…It works!

It’s Alright…

It's almost Thursday and that means it's time for a 'Thinking Out Loud' post on the blog! Today's post is pretty random. The busy-bee in me didn't plan on doing any posts for the next few weeks. A long things-to-do list is keeping me on my toes until July 1 (#vacationtime). I wouldn't have imagined myself writing a … Continue reading It’s Alright…