Rock N Roll DC Half-Marathon 2018

Disclaimer: I received a 10-pack Tourpass through my Rock ‘n’ Blog ambassadorship. I paid for my race since I was already registered before I became an official Rock N Blogger 2018. I did however use my ambassadorship to experience the VIP perks. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own. Last Saturday, I trekked down to the … Continue reading Rock N Roll DC Half-Marathon 2018

Ponder N Wonder – Official Logo is here!!

Ponder N Wonder - this blog that I started casually in April 2016, holds a special place in my heart. The blog gave me the realization of an inner skill and passion that I was oblivious to. Writing gave me a new sense of fulfillment when I was hunting for one in life! It was only … Continue reading Ponder N Wonder – Official Logo is here!!

Goal Coaching Workshop – Quick Reflections

Yesterday I had the good opportunity to attend a goal coaching workshop led by Baltimore localite, Esther Collinetti. If you haven't heard of her, make sure to check out her blog and get to know her better (Spoiler Alert: She's a freaking badass!). As soon as I walked in, she made me feel very warm and … Continue reading Goal Coaching Workshop – Quick Reflections

Ultimate Coffee Date – January 2018

Being my first blog post of the year, it is pertinent to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year. What better way to start the year than over a virtual cup of coffee to catch up on all my life happenings. Today I join Deb and Coco on the Ultimate Coffee Date monthly … Continue reading Ultimate Coffee Date – January 2018

28 Life Lessons on Turning 28

October is my favorite month every single year! It feels like the perfect time of the year to take a pause, re-assess all that I have done these past 10 months of the year and provide me with a renewed fuel to tackle my resolutions for the rest of the year. Pssstt!!! You clearly didn't … Continue reading 28 Life Lessons on Turning 28