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Hello! I’m Madhuri and welcome to Ponder ‘N’ Wonder!

Who knew writing about yourself would be so tough (Aren’t I supposed to be a Blogger)? It’s definitely hard to find that balance between blowing your own trumpet and yet, not sounding haughty! But, I’ll try!


Well, I’m a twenty-something gal, from India (on a technicality), who’s lived most of my life in Oman, a small heavenly paradise of the Middle East, and Baltimore, MD is what I call home (for now). 

In my free time, I love to explore my creative side with some calligraphy handwriting, artwork and poetry. My love for music is fulfilled by jamming on my piano and harmonium (an accordion-like wind instrument) and singing my lungs out, to scare off my neighbors. I love catching a good book on life and philosophy and I balance it out with some heavy Netflix binge watching. Hanging out with some good friends and some good food (and good coffee, of course), alongside loads of giggles is what I would call a perfect day!

There’s never enough coffee and chocolate!!! 

I started this blog to share my little known knowledge on life and the world around,
while I still seek answers each day, to the world within!
(Spoiler Alert: There is more of such babbling on this blog)


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