Ponder N Wonder – Official Logo is here!!

Ponder N Wonder – this blog that I started casually in April 2016, holds a special place in my heart. The blog gave me the realization of an inner skill and passion that I was oblivious to. Writing gave me a new sense of fulfillment when I was hunting for one in life! It was only appropriate that I take a step further and revamp my blog this year. For the very first time, I get to share with all my readers and friends – the official logo!!!

**Drum roll***


PNG 150dpiA huge thank you to my friend, Venkee who was the mastermind and artist behind this creation. A few words of thank you may not suffice, but I had to give due credit to where it truly deserved. The reason I decided to request a friend to design my logo was to make it a bit more personalized (and plus, logo designers are crazy expensive!). I gave bossy brief instructions on how I would like it to look and the rest was well brought out by him.

The final product looks beautiful, isn’t it?

The logo incorporates a couple of key elements that are close to my heart and I thought of letting you all into it.

Coffee: Starting with the obvious, I am a caffeinated soul!

Conical Flask: Representing my inner curiosity and the scientist in me.

Art Palette: Symbolizing my love and inner creativity for art and graphics

The Musical Note: Exemplifying a hobby of singing, playing my harmonium and the piano (a new skill in development).

Scale: Personifies my sun sign ‘Libra’ – the sign of balance. As a person, too much of anything or any sort of extremities throws my mental spiritual state into complete chaos. Balance to me represents a state of zen, when the different elements of my life are in complete sync and in the right proportions. Neither too much nor too less.

Runner Girl: Well, if you’ve been reading this blog, by now you’ll know that 5ks, half-marathons are my typical lingo. A healthy hobby picked up rather late in life, yet something that reflects its effects onto other facets of my life.

Circular Tracks: Kind of self explanatory from the previous element aka runner girl. The running tracks give me a sense of reminder of how life too, is a series of intervals of highs and lows. You put on a brave front, gather all your grit and determination and keep moving on.

The Wings: My favorite element of the logo epitomizing my ideal state of mind – to fly high and carefree in an open sky, carrying the weight of my huge aspirations and hope high up each wing and to bring about about changes within myself and the beautiful world around me.

Rainbow Splash – Well, what’s a logo without some color?!


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