28 Life Lessons on Turning 28

October is my favorite month every single year! It feels like the perfect time of the year to take a pause, re-assess all that I have done these past 10 months of the year and provide me with a renewed fuel to tackle my resolutions for the rest of the year. Pssstt!!! You clearly didn’t buy into my mumbo jumbo. Who am I kidding? Birthday month = Favorite month. Period.

This year was a beautiful year for me. It wasn’t perfect, to say the least. Some ups, some downs. But, it was a year that taught me more than my 27 earlier years combined. As October wraps up, here I am today sharing a few little words of wisdom from the past year. Just warning you, it may not be as enlightening as Phil Dunphey!

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1. Turning 28 isn’t as bad as it seems. 28 is like the new 21 (says the 28 year old).


2. It’s time to take charge of YOU! Your thoughts, your actions, your goals and everything about you.


3. You are a full blown adult – you know some stuff, you don’t know a lot and you know enough to fake the rest. But always, keep the childlike innocence and thirst for knowledge within you alive.


4. Being disciplined is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity if you truly wish to reach your highest potential. 


5. Stop giving excuses that you have no time. Time management is a skill that MUST be mastered.


6. Try everything, but perfect only what’s worth your time.


7. Think twice about the french fries and soda. Now is really the time to take charge of your health.


8. While tending to your physical health is of utmost necessity, so is mental health. You are the only one in control of your stress. Your mind, your attitude!


9. While taking care of yourself is important, make sure to think about your parents. They are turning old too and might need you for support – financially, physically or just simply affectionately.


10. Budgeting isn’t high funda science. It’s basic money in minus money spent = savings. Set yourself up for some savings each month. Every penny can be the seed money for your destination in the future.


11. Do not let your phone be in control of you! Stop, pause and enjoy each situation. Every work and personal email can wait. 


12. Work-life balance: Allow yourself to be in-charge of setting boundaries. 

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13. While boundaries are important, make sure to take that extra step to help someone in need. We are all, but in fact, one human team.


14. The world doesn’t end when you say NO to others. You are, in fact, saying YES to yourself.


15. Goal setting is for ALL! Not only for the class few. Re-assess your life till date. Kudos on all the achievements, big or small. It doesn’t stop just here.


16. Stop complaining! #guiltyascharged Complaining gets your no where. Vent it out once and get it out of the system. Then move on and find solutions. If something is in your control, change it. If something isn’t in your control, no point stressing. 


17. Laughing at yourself doesn’t sound as terrible as it seems. It gives you memories that you’ll cherish later.


18. Be self-confident. No one will believe in you more than you. Yet, make sure to keep a tap on arrogance and ego. 


19. We are all on our own timescale. Stop comparing your success or shortcomings with respect to another. We all had a different start.


20. Embrace your imperfections! If we all were born perfect, we would be machines, not humans. We learn by living.


21. Face your fears and issues. It’s definitely time to stop putting them on the back burner.


22. Never think of yourself as alone. We are all creatures made of different degrees of weirdness.


23. Find your support system! Associate yourself with people who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.


24. It’s alright to ask for help. You’ll be surprised how much it eases your burden, and teaches you something more about yourself. 


25. Always take a minute each day to self-introspect. The world around can cause cloudiness. But, the sunshine within can clear it up.


26. Don’t be-little yourself by telling you’re old to start something new. If you follow points #7 and #8, you’re only 28% done with your whole lifetime.


27. Be Human! No matter how old your get, nothing gives you the right to be inhumane. Ask for forgiveness, say a kind word, thank a fellow human, give a hug, motivate your peers, etc etc. 


28. Enjoy the journey – whether it’s hard or easy. There will be tears of both pain and joy. It’s all about embracing the present moment!



What can I say, I guess I am just an old Granny from within.


Feel free to share any words of wisdom that life has taught you.



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