Grandpa – The Immortal One


13 August
The day a noble soul whom I have had the good fortune
of calling Thatha (aka Grandpa) took birth!

He may have been born my maternal grandfather. But in fact, he was more than just a fun grandpa who gave me the best gifts ever (that I pre-selected). He was a role model to me, a man whom I shall always look up to, with pristine respect!!

If you’ve known me this past year, or even spoken to me once, you would have heard me sneak his name and life somehow in to one of our conversations. And probably yes, I tried to mask the tears portraying the true overwhelming emotions beneath the surface. They say that time is a healer, but it does make you ponder over that conundrum. The very time that is supposedly said to heal wounds within, is also the very same time that connects you to past memories making the healing process much harder. 13 August isn’t just his birthday, it was the day exactly a year back, when we connected physically (telephonically) one last time….

But it’s been a whole year’, one may say. Yet, even after a year, it all feels fresh in one’s mind. It’s pretty ironic when we assume that we live a whole lifetime in order to learn the meaning of life. And yet, death is what teaches us our existential purpose. A most suited way to call this past year would be a ‘Brutal Teacher‘. All those dreary evenings of tears and melancholy, the wintry mornings of waking up to emptiness each day and those Saturday mornings when the phone just didn’t ring – they were all but times in my life to churn within and dig deep through that pain. Yet, the wheels of time stops for none and life must go on. There are moments that give you respite from grief and some sort of closure. After all, sunshine always follows the night of darkness.

It’s taken a year to think of him and not have ‘breaking down‘ as the automatic reflex. It’s taken a year to just give a small smile while glancing at old pictures. It’s taken a year to muster up the courage to write about his glorious life, in this tiny space on the internet. I pray for words to flow for this literary eulogy, if you may call it so. And that I may be able to do justice to this enigmatic personality that he was…and he still is. After all, he is indeed an immortal one in all our hearts.

L.Ramaswamy – the one who graced the earth from 13 Aug 1929, until 4 Oct 2016, wearing the caps of a caring son and brother, a doting father to three, a loving grandfather to six, a mentor and leader to so many more. A Chartered Accountant by profession,  with a culminating worldly stature of the Director of Express Newspapers. Yet, we remember him today as a noble person of pristine values and character.

A man, whose very existence made you believe in the goodness of humanity.

A man, whose characteristic personality trait was an ocean worth of patience.

A man, who was an epitome of compassion and care, that wrapped around people with a genuine interest in their lives.

A man, whose was a true listener to all your woes and worries.

A man whose life wisdom gave you a sense of comforting insurance that it shall be okay.

A man, whose daily routine marked the zenith of discipline that we can emulate and try to live up to.

A man, who saw no hate; it was love galore.

A man, whose very presence exuded a positive aura in the room.

A man, whose countenance proved that life is but to be smiled and laughed at and by the power of equanimity, one may tackle any hurdles.

A man, who encompassed the very definition of character, teaching us that while it’s good to be a great person, it is great to be a good human being.

A man….who is immortal and still lives amongst us through his principles. 

Thatha Collage

I know your hands shall always be wrapped around me!

Happy Birthday Thatha!


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