In the month of January, I had the good opportunity to attend a workshop with a bunch of 108 dynamic young women and men. One of the four modules delved deeply on the topic of ‘FEAR’. ‘Don’t be afraid’ – that pretty much would be the gist of this module. What new are we going to learn about it in this session. Thought the great me. The module kick started with a team building exercise. Each of us were paired up with a total stranger and given about 25 minutes to share our deepest fears with one another.

25 minutes! Psst! We’re going to be done in 5 minutes and make small talk for the remaining time. I don’t even have that many fears to talk about – small tidbits here and there….Before we knew it, we were all gushing with our overflowing thoughts to this new face about our deepest and darkest fears. 25 minutes wasn’t even enough to scrape the surface. It’s been six months and yet, my mind keeps getting lost in contemplation of that theme.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 6.16.50 PM(Thanks Canva)

So, this fear thing, where does it come from? If we know where the problem arose, all we go to do is cut it off at the source, right? It’s simple mechanistic theory!

Were we born with inherent fears?
When I see small babies playing around, the sheer smile on their faces and the sweet innocence; they fall a hundred times and yet persevere to stand back on their own feet. The fear of being hurt – doesn’t seem to exist in their cells. Yet, how many of us have tried to learn to ride a bike and failed because of those cuts and scrapes endured? Myself guilty. If we weren’t born with fears (Let’s set aside past life side effects from this article for now), has our little childlike innocence metamorphosed into fear as the age trickled up. We find every single individual whether he be in his teens or early 30s or early 60s – all have fears!

What caused this transformation?
If we call this ‘reason’ of transformation the very cause/source of our fears, may be we can eliminate it right?

  • Is fear just a sheer manifestation of the very thought process of some imminent ominous path?
  • Is fear just concocted feelings based on the circumstances and experiences of the people around us?
  • Is fear a by-product of the ripple effect of a small hurtful incidents of the past?
  • Is fear manifested based on the notion of being judged by others?
  • Or simply, is it just a common trait to keep up  with the tenets of evolution?

Is ‘your’ fear same as ‘my’ fear?
Yup! Pretty much. The lakes and oceans might look different, but the water is one. Fear is the same, while our attitude towards it is vastly different. Some channel it as goals to run towards, some channel it as adrenaline to reach our highest potential, while some of us navigate around it as cautious risks.

What can we do about it?
You’re in for a great disappoint if you thought I would be able to provide you with a cookie-cutter solution to it. The answer is I don’t know myself.

But, it feels like fear has become such an inherent part of all our lives. It’s almost like the other side of the coin of life. Just gets me thinking that may be, just may be, if we flip the right side up, may be, we might be able to experience a fulfilled life.


Something to ponder and wonder about… 


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