The Emporiyum 2017

I had a chance to check out ‘The Emporiyum‘ that returned to Baltimore, MD in the first weekend of April. Let’s just say it involved an entire Sunday of gorging down food – GOOD FOOD! Whether you are an epicurean or you just eat to stay alive (the rare ones), this food festival had something for all.

Held at the heart of the Baltimore Inner Harbor, it featured yummy bites and sips made by local artisans from the DMV area as well as from around the country. You would think small businesses, but they indeed had some of the finest and top-quality products. My phone camera of 100 pictures and my expanding waistline is enough proof. Ticket prices ranged from $15 to $40, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust and Vision Workshops, who were the co-sponsors along with our very own Whole Foods Market.


This view never gets old!

For some of the ticket prices, you did snag a cute tote bag which made the whole shopping experience super convenient.

While it would be super hard to collate all the vendors I had a chance to interact with and nibble on their samples, I definitely had some favorites. Here are my MUST TRY list for you if you ever get a chance to check them out online or in-store. It was hard to rank them in order of my favorites, so I listed them alphabetically. Go figure your favorite!

The premium dried plantain chips by Amazi (Bethesda, MD)
The olive oil, chili and salt was my favorite flavor (Spicy food always)

Righteous pickles by Brother Floyd’s (PA, MD)
Hand picked and hand packed – Perfect juicy and acidic blend!

Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost Ginger Ale (Brooklyn, NY)
I tasted the sugar free ale and you really don’t have to imagine the ginger.


The simmer sauces by Calcutta Kitchens (Norwalk, CT)
The Makhani Tikka was my favorite and so too for many.

Handcrafted ice cream sandwiches by Cream Cruiser (Baltimore, MD)
How could I go to the Emporiyum and not indulge in the ‘double chocolate and mint’ sammy from our very own local Fells Point buddy.


Gourmet hot sauce and condiments by Huckle’s Store (Baltimore, MD)
All those three spicy sauces were just perfect for my palate. It’s hard to pick a favorite.


Healthy Organic Coffee by Javazen (MD)
Their Matcha and Cacao Coffee totally hit the spot! No brownie points for guessing that the founders bonded over coffee to bring this idea to fruition.


Nut Butters by Nutty Novelties (Souderton, PA)
Their cappuccino peanut butter and butterscotch peanut butter is what
I’ll be going back to. Just saying.

Seasoned Popcorn by Popcorn Queens (Washington, DC)
My favorite was obviously the classic Baltimorean flavored – Old Bay Seasoned popcorn.

Chocolates by The Velvet Chocolatier (Stevenson, MD)
Just take all my money and get me some some of their Toffee Bark flavor. Let’s just say what I bought did not last for more than few days hours.


Mediterranean Spread and Condiment by Zesty Z (Brooklyn, NY)
Being from the Middle East, Za’atar leaves are my favorite condiment that I add to my Chai tea. So, it was my surprise to find it here. A mother-son duo initiative, their Za’atar inspired spread was heavenly!!! Can’t wait to get some for me and try out new recipes.


Overall I thought the event was a huge success. It was a nice place for vendors and buyers to bond over food. The Emporiyum was perfectly sized, giving you enough time to check out all the vendors and did not feel too stuffy or overwhelming. I can’t wait to visit them again in 2018 and check out some new and top-of-the-line local products.

Did you visit ‘The Emporiyum’ in Baltimore? What were your favorite products?



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