It’s alright to pause…

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity!”
– Katrina Mayer

Yesterday was one of those ‘perfect’ days. Not because I did it all. But because, I didn’t do anything at all. I took a day off from work (thanks to my vacation days expiring). After a long Monday and an even longer Tuesday, I didn’t want to plan tasks ahead of time for my day off. Instead, I decided to wait until the sun was sighted at the horizon and spend the day by feel.

Breakfast Time:
The day started off with treating myself to some good breakfast and coffee. That’s always my go-to stress buster – taking the time out for some breakfast, unplugged from humanity, but deeply plugged into my thoughts. Here’s a little teaser for what I usually do when I’m in the zone! Once a breakfast person, always a breakfast person!!!


Parents Time:
Post breakfast, I had a nice long chat with my parents on Skype. Of course, my mom ridiculed my new haircut. Typical mother-daughter relationship! It felt so good to chat with them without the restriction of time. We don’t realize it, but as we get older, so are they. And for all that they’ve done for us, all they ask from us is our time (Yes, they read this blog….Or I think so…. I’m hoping all this public praising will lead to a generous gift to their daughter).

Run Time:
As a runner, the first thought we have when we have a day off is……extra time to run! And that’s exactly what I did. The weather was perfect at 10 am. Repped my a day ‘old’ Charm City Run top and made a trip to Lake Montebello. The serenity of water bodies always warms my heart. Planned for a nice easy run. But, it ended up being a solid tempo run. More on that in my next half-marathon letter to myself. I guess, performance increases automatically when you’re calm and composed.


Productivity Time:
Those pumped up endorphins after the run definitely was put to good use. It’s been a 6-month cleaning marathon at my place. Thanks to the Marie Kondo’s decluttering techniques (more on that sometime soon). I, finally, had the time to give away 6 bags of stuff that l’ll probably never use. If you haven’t heard of her, do check out her book. It’s definitely life changing! She’s a genius, to say the least.



Dinner Time:
The highlight of the evening! I like trying out new recipes and treating myself every now and then. The feeling of whipping up something good is SO satisfying – for the heart and the tummy. Time, energy and motivation – all aligned yesterday! And the result was Red Thai Curry with Tofu. Totally hit the spot! Yes, it took me longer to take the perfect ‘Instagram’ pic than actually making it. Like the icing on an already perfect day, my very close friend and confidant dropped by. It’s been about 4 months since we met and it felt so refreshing to just chat about life. It was slightly late, yet perfect Galentine’s Date with her. She’s still alive, so I’m going to call dinner a hit!


Self-love, although outwardly might seem like a vanity based affair, it is but in fact, the best gift you can give yourself. It’s alright to take a pause in life, every once in a while. Doesn’t mean you shirk your duties. Even taking 10 minutes a day to do what makes your soul content, can go a long way in boosting your outward productivity. We’re constantly like little bees buzzing around to bring out the sweetness in our lives. But, even a bee has to pause momentarily before it can produce the ambrosial honey. By giving yourself the love you deserve, your inner being is suffused with love to give out as well. After all, can you really pour out of an empty cup?


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