Dear Half-Marathoner (#001)

It’s no secret that I am training for my first half-marathon. For many a days, I toyed with the idea of whether to blog about my training or not. I mean, it’s just regular miles being logged in. Plus, I wasn’t sure if training logs from a (super) slow runner like me will benefit anyone. But, nevertheless, I decided to start this week. I believe in writing my goals to make them happen. And in this tech savvy world, writing = blogging, am I right? Every week, I shall be writing a letter to the future half-marathoner of 26 March 2017, sending out good vibes, keeping her training in check and overall pushing her from today until race day. Hope you enjoy it!

I’m linking up with Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC for her Training Recap linkup and HoHo and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap! Do check out their training and other bloggers for some real inspiration!

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Dear 26 March Self,

Today’s my first ever letter to you. In 7 weeks, you’ll be tip toeing to the start line of your first half-marathon. You’ve spent the last 24 hours really really really (like for real) doubting yourself. If you’ll ever be in any close shape to reach the finish line of your first half-marathon. If you were a big dumbo to sign up for it. If it’s high time to call it a day and back out. If you’ll look stupid doing so after all that rant on social media. What were you thinking? You and half-marathon? Not even remotely your forte. But this week, you flushed all those doubts out of your system once and for before D-day. This whole thing is getting real. Look at what all you accomplished this week:

Easy Run; 4 miles @16:14/mile (1:04:57)
After all that self-doubt over the weekend, you felt so strong today. You even did a 14:42 third mile. You go gal!

6x 400m repeats around the park – 14:20, 14:03, 13:32, 14:05, 13:38, 13:53
Holy moly! You felt even stronger than yesterday, especially after a super long day, you were so sure this run would be horrible, but look at you.

Mandatory rest day – you know how I like making you take them really seriously right? I treated you to some good self-pampering manicure.

Tempo run day – You felt crappy all over. Thanks to having four back-to-back 12 hour days. You just wanted to rest it up and binge on some Netflix. And I decided to honor your body today. I’ve been making you run around a lot lately (pun totally intended). The extra rest day today will make you feel much better for Saturday’s long run.

Mandatory rest day! The entire day was spent exercising trying to exercise my positive mindset in anticipation for your tomorrow’s long run.

Long Run by Loch Raven Reservoir
10.02 miles @17:54/mile in 2:59:20 (Fastest mile: 16:04)
You planned to do 12 miles. But, since it was super hilly, you decided to have 10 quality miles than 12 crappy miles. Definitely slower than what you intended, but with a 523 ft elevation gain, weren’t you glad I got at least 10 done? Remember how super sore you were after running 10 miles on 19 Jan (your first 10-miler). Look at you today feeling so strong and badass! You even went to work straight and then met up with friends, without feeling like death.

Recovery Run – 30 minutes with some peppy Bollywood tunes (1.74 miles @17:26)

Overall, you did great this week. You hydrated really well! You got almost all your runs in, except your tempo run on Thursday. All quality runs you’re happy about. You didn’t give up on yourself at all. Stop all this self doubt right now. Run now. Fear later. Also, you’re good at your pre-run dynamic stretches. How about you become a bit more serious about your post-run foam rolling. Agreed, you’re not feeling as sore as before when you first started running, but nonetheless, you’ve upped your mileage like crazy in the past 8 weeks. Enjoy every run and every moment of this training. I know you are already and happily surprised by all that you’re capable of doing. You’re currently stronger than you’ve ever been. Love life and keep running!

Your T-7 weeks self


21 thoughts on “Dear Half-Marathoner (#001)

  1. HoHo Runs says:

    Welcome to the Weekly Wrap, Madhuri. It’s so exciting you’ve decided to run half marathon. That is my favorite race distance! You will have an amazing experience. These letters are a great way to document your training and look back and reflect on your journey. I hope to read your next letter right here next week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • pondernwonder says:

      Thanks so much for those kind words. It’s definitely been exciting training for it and I wanted a nice way to look back on it and reflect. Thanks for stopping by! Btw, love your nick name 🙂


  2. Laura @ Laura : Fat 2 Fit says:

    This is great! I love writing and reading training logs for the week! Not only does it keep me accountable for my own runs, but it allows me to get new ideas and be motivated by others to keep up my training runs!

    Looking forward to keeping up with your training via the linkup! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I love that you’re now posting your training and writing it as a letter to yourself is so creative! Congrats on a great week and listening to your body by giving yourself some extra rest.

    I think you’re doing great and I look forward to meeting up with you at the Love Run 🙂 You got this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • pondernwonder says:

      Thanks Janelle. Having two 10-milers this month definitely has given me an extra boost. Just taking each day as it comes and see how it all pans out on race day. Yes, we should definitely catch up! Hope u feel better soon.


    • pondernwonder says:

      Thanks Kim. I am indeed a big lover of ‘throwbacks’. It would feel wonderful to read them a night before my first half for that extra boost. Thanks for stopping by!


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