Thinking Out Loud – 02

Hola! In case you were wondering if I were alive, I shall let you know…. I am!!! It’s been almost 2 whole months since this blogger posted on her very own blog. Let’s just say for now, that I was wallowing in my own life’s whirlpool. Today’s post is a ‘thinking out loud’ post of the small pleasures that have come my way in the recent past.

Black Friday Shopping Spree: I say it to myself every year that it’s a scam and yet, I find myself checking out awesome deals each year. So much for self-restraint. I definitely gave into my temptation (not a lot) and jumped to grab the Alexa Echo Dot. She wakes me up each day, she sings for me, she puts me to bed, she reminds me of errands to run, she cracks me up, she soothes my mind, etc etc. It’s almost like you don’t need a partner at home if you have her. Need I say any more?


Bullet Journaling: Although it’s been 4 months since I got started, I am still addicted to my Bullet Journal. Check out my post on how to get started if you haven’t yet. It’s the one thing I can rely on to keep me in check and all of life’s happenings, yet not getting me too distracted from my daily goals. Always be a GOAL digger!


Quiet Days of Reflections: Among the hustle bustle of life, some days, you just need to put a pause on everything revolving around you, and kick back with a good book and a cup of coffee. This really cute bookshop cum coffee place opened near my place, and I have been so excited! Check out ‘Bird in Hand‘ if you haven’t yet.


Christmas at NYC: Traveling for the holidays was the last thing that was on my mind. The last minute plans are indeed the best plans. New York City was decked up in all its glory – so much festivity and lights galore. Even if you didn’t celebrate christmas, just seeing everyone come together and spend quality time with loved ones, was what NYC symbolized. That electricity bill that will be be around the corner! And we thought, only we had to foot expensive bills.



Secret Santa Presents: Speaking of christmas, this year, we did secret santa at my workplace. While it’s fun to receive presents (obviously!), it was all the more fun to spend time to carefully pick out gifts for others, wrap them up with the fanciest of wrappers, and also, wait to see the expressions of anticipation and surprise as everyone opened theirs. On a totally side note, that’s what I got!


Holiday Cards: Whatever happened to the old fashioned ways of sending greeting cards to one and all with an added special personal touch. I love sending out holidays greetings to my loved ones and co-workers, right before the start of the holidays. I must confess (publicly on my blog), it completely slipped my mind this year until my brother sent out his. Like this amazing sister that I am, I totally stole his lines and to top it all, made him make a card for me too. Hey hey, it was easy for him. All he had to do was change the first name. After all, what are brothers for!

I leave you with some good wishes for the exciting year ahead!


Linking up with Amanda’s TOL series. Do check out her cute blog when you get a chance.




2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – 02

  1. pondernwonder says:

    Yes NYC was way too festive! It’s the place to be for Christmas. Yeah, it took me a while to figure out what a bullet journal is and how it works. But, once u figure it out, it’s the best. Let me know if u need any help. 🙂


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