Tête-à-tête with a weighing scale

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Courtesy: Aunty Acid

Let’s call today’s theme kind of “controversial” or one of those itchy topics. The Weighing Scale!!! That dreaded piece of equipment we all own, but really didn’t want to buy. Most of us know that the scale doesn’t paint the whole picture when it comes to assessing our fitness levels. Nor does it really depict that wholesome personality of ours. Today’s post is a casual chat of what might go on if weighing scales could talk like humans. Enjoy!

Pretty Gal: Ahhhh… It’s Monday! Time to hit the scale. I’ve been so good last week. Ate out only once. Worked out 6 times! I am curious to know how much I’ve lost.

Weighing Scale: You have lost 1 lb.

PG: Are you kidding me?!?!?! After all that hard work, I have lost only 1 lb.

WS: Welll…Look at it from the bright side. At least, you didn’t put on a pound right?

PG: I would have rather put on 1 lb. This is such bad news!!!!!!

WS: Sorry PG, I didn’t meant to give you such bad news at the start of your week!

(PG is almost in tears… **sniff sniff**)
PG: I try so much and yet, you never seem to budge!!

WS: Oh PG, don’t cry. I am just one tiny aspect of you!

PG: Tiny?? Don’t you know how much I weigh?

WS: Yes! Sadly, that’s the only service I offer to everyone.

PG: Will I ever fit into my cute little red dress?

WS: You will! Don’t lost hope this easily. You have so much more going on in your life.

PG: Stop changing the topic! I have lost only 1 lb. Period.

WS: I know! But, look at you. A year back, you were this girl who sat on your couch all day. And this week, you hit the gym 6 days!!

PG: What’s the point? I’ve lost only 1 lb this week. Only!

WS: But, look at your stamina! You can actually climb 5 flights of stairs!!

PG: What’s the use? I’d rather take the elevator if all that hard work is going to lead to only 1 lb loss… let’s help the elevator inventor dude by making good use of it!!!

WS: Oh PG! See, it’s in your name itself. You’re so pretty! Forget the red dress… remember the party where you wore that black dress with lace and all eyes were on you??

PG: Yeah.. I also had a good hair day that evening.

WS: Yes, but do you also remember you had this radiant beam of smile on your face.

PG: Duh!!! Obviously!!! I got all those raving compliments about my dress.

WS: Oh well yes, you looked beautiful. But, you know what? You have such a pretty smile. It’s the first thing I notice about you. 

PG: Yeah, I know. People have complimented me on my smile before. 

WS: Somedays, when I am all lonely and having a rough day because of all the people I made sad, your smile brings so much happiness to me. You definitely must be having the same effect on others as well. 

PG: Well yeah… I like smiling at people. Or generally, when I am around nature, my smile kind of auto-turns on. Even when I have this huge mug of coffee in my hand. **giggles**

WS: So, what have you been up to today?

PG: Well, I had this presentation at work today that went reallllly well. My boss called me the MVP of the team.  

WS: Oh wow. That’s so amazing!

PG: I know right? It was encouraging to know that I am doing well on this new job. 

WS: Yeah… the first few months on a new job are really hard.

PG: They are.. But, I am just working hard and trying to be pro-active. I’m slowly settling into the new work flow. And my new colleagues are pretty cool. 

WS: That makes a difference! 

PG: Yeah… And I came home and Adam had made me this gourmet meal comprising of all my favorites. It was a nice romantic evening!

WS: Awwww. That’s adorable!

PG: Yeah, he is really supportive. You know, with a new job, things can get really hard. But, he’s dealt with all my crazy tantrums.

WS: That’s sweet…..Was it your mom you were talking to a few minutes back?

PG: Yeah, I called her to plan our vacation. I get to go home next week and spend time with family.

WS: Awesome. You guys planning to travel?

PG: Actually yes! My dad won these family-of-four tickets to Bora Bora! So, we’re going for a week…. And Adam is joining us too. 

WS: BORA BORA! Holy Moly! Could you take me too?

PG: Haha! I wish. All my friends have been asking me the same. Sadly, we got only 4 tickets.

WS: Speaking of friends, how is Cathy and Lizzie doing? They were screeching with happiness when they stepped onto me last time. It’s been a while!

PG: They’re doing pretty good. Life’s busy of course. So, we don’t meet too often. They’re like my best friends!! And of course, my huge support system when things get rough. With K and L around, and some good food and drinks, and ice-cream of course, everything feels so right in life! 🙂

WS: I can imagine! All my friends live so far away. I get to barely see them. I do miss them!

PG: Oh you know what? Sooooo, you know how Halloween is around the corner?

WS: Of course, I see all those extra PSLs on me! **wink wink**

PG: I got like 10 bags of candy last Sunday at Target and some extra baskets too. Last year, so many homeless kids came trick-or-treating and some of them didn’t even have a basket to carry all their candy. I felt so bad! So, I bought baskets as well this year. K and L are coming tomorrow evening and we’re all going to be decorating them!! You might get to see them. 

WS: Oh Gal! Look at you! You are so AMAZING!!!! You are this pretty girl with a radiant smile! You are sooooo good at what you do!! You have such a supportive boyfriend and family and the best of friends! Above all, you have such a good heart!!! And you really worry about this stupid number you see on me??




10 thoughts on “Tête-à-tête with a weighing scale

  1. Chaitali says:

    I have a horrible relationship with the scale. I keep trying to remind myself that it’s just a number and the more important thing is how I feel and that I’m choosing healthy foods and staying active. But sometimes that number can just ruin my day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • pondernwonder says:

      Yes very true. The local gym I go to has a scale that does overall fitness measuring. It really opens you into different reasons why you load on weight. You could measure the same overall weight on two different days. But, it also has water and muscle mass measurement. So, that made me realize that weight is so much more than just one number, and BMI is an even more gross inaccurate measurement based on something that’s already imperfect. Hopefully we all can one day get past it 🙂


    • pondernwonder says:

      Thanks Jennifer. That’s true. And it isn’t even our fault. We resonate a lot with the thoughts of society around and not always, it’s a good idea. I was lucky enough to be barely bullied in high school and had/have really supportive friends. So, the scale doesn’t get into my head too much. I sometimes wish there was one scale that measured fitness stats and personality stats all at once. It would be incredible! Gauging your fitness level without a scale is a good idea – I go off how light I feel, less bloated and of course, clothes!


  2. runawaybridalplanner says:

    Call me crazy, but I have a love hate relationship with the scale. Love it when it it gives me lower numbers, hate when it lies, LOL
    Hey, take that 1 pound and own it, sometimes 1 pound is a great number to drop even if we don’t think so!
    I was doing so good this month, dropped 6 pounds and then my sister came to visit, and the scale did the hate thing and lied to me and said I gained 5 of it back over the weekend of joining my sister for pizza and pepsi far too many nights, LOL Yeah, I only have myself to blame for that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • pondernwonder says:

      Haha. We all do, don’t we? My bro was in town this month for 2 whole weeks. With my birthday and eating out a lot, I was so hesitant to get onto that scale. This post was an inspiration after I stood on one, when he left. Any guesses how that went? 😛


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