Are you fit….mentally?

Hola! Welcome to Post #2 of Kristy’s Blog Hop! I thank you all for the overwhelming love and support I received for Post #1 – Fitness and Me. Today, I am also linking up with Amanda’s Running with Spoons TOL series. Before I get started on this serious chat today, here’s my tiny disclaimer:

I received no compensation or request from Headspace to write this post.
As an avid user of this app, I have received loads of personal benefits and
wished to share it with my readers and friends. I am in no way an expert
on mental health. All thoughts are based on my personal experiences
and challenges and how Headspace helped tackle some of them.

As I started dwelling on the fitness aspects of my life, I realized that fitness was not a sole physical entity pertaining to the body. It was a triple alliance of the body, mind and soul. A more rigorous self audit session, made me realize that I had way more stress levels, irritation and annoyance in my life than I would personally like to have as a typical 26-year old. I mean, who likes being stressed out right? 2015 was the worst year in that aspect! My analysis of my mental self made me realize that stress was like a chain reaction. One stressful element of my life just tacked on more-than-needed stress on another element. Although, looking at each of those elements distinctly didn’t seem like reasons for me to get sooooooo overwhelmed.

I sat down to think! Let’s face it. We live in the 21st century. Our lives are constantly busy!! No matter how much we try, life isn’t going to cool down. I am just 27 years now (turned a year older, last week). As I age, my responsibilities will never ever reduce. That and my stress are only going to increase. Also, I noticed that more often than not, my stress levels were due to people and circumstances around me than me myself. If I am the one to bear the pangs of stress, shouldn’t I be the one in control of it? Why are others always in-charge of my mind and happiness? Agreed, there will always be some “irritating people” around us, but, shouldn’t I be the one who dictates if their stupid actions impact my serenity and calm, instead of them?


Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up! (Source)

Indeed a blessing in disguise, Headspace came to me at the right moment. I had read earlier about the philosophy of mediation and the therapeutic benefits it had. But, it was always challenging since I had no clue how to get started. I had some success with breathing meditation, but didn’t know how to progress further.

Before, we chat about Headspace, I request that you watch this cute video made by the Headspace team to get to know more about what their sole purpose is and what the app entails. The video was something that first hooked me to this app! It resonated with what I was looking for!

It definitely looks tempting right? Since I got started on this, I have recommended it to many of my friends to try it out for themselves. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by them and I decided to make it part of this post.

How did you get started with Headspace?
I stumbled upon headspace when I was doing some random blog surfing. I wish I could go back and thank that specific blogger who introduced me to Headspace. 

How often do you do it?
At the moment, I don’t have a fixed number of times for which I do it. It varies from 1-5 times a week. I would like to however get more regular at it and do about 20 days a month.

Do you follow a specific time of the day?
The saints and philosophers always recommend to perform meditation at a fixed time everyday. I usually like taking my 10 minutes for it as soon as I am home in the evening. The time varies. But, as of now, it works for me. I find myself most stressed out at the later parts of the day than in the morning.

What are the features you like about the app?

  1. Flexibility of time: I can choose how much time I have today to spare for it.
  2. Variety of exercise: There are several guided and non-guided exercises that center around the themes of health, relationships, performance and sports.
  3. Andy, the voice on the app has a serene tone. That definitely is a plus.
  4. Animations – They are really cute and definitely help you understand what exactly you are doing for the day.
  5. They also have something for kids!! With a growing emphasis on inculcating meditation from the young age, this can definitely benefit parents whose children don’t have access to meditation classes at school.

How can I get started?
Head out to their website and sign up. The first series is called ‘Take 10’ and includes 10 sessions of 10 minutes each. It will guide you along.

10 minutes… do you really think I shall benefit from just 10 minutes of meditation?

After I am done with ‘Take 10’, it looks like I need to subscribe to progress ahead. Is the subscription worth it?
A very frequently asked question by everyone I recommend it to. My suggestion always is to first try the ‘Take 10’ and then decide for yourself (Coz I know that after Take 10, they are definitely hooked). If you asked me three years back, I would probably double think it on a student budget. It’ll be nice if Headspace comes up with a student discount pack with limited series, because after all they need their stress levels reduced the most. But, Headspace does have this awesome initiative called ‘Get Some, Give Some‘ to help people who are in dire need of it. For every paid subscription they receive from us, they give a free subscription to the deserving. Above all, as their tag line reads – it’s like a gym membership for the mind. So yes, it is definitely worth every penny!

Could we buddies on Headspace? 
Of course! Add me on and we can motivate each other.

Apart from your mental peace, how else has it helped you?
I feel I have better focus on all parts of my life now. It has trained me to live more in the present and enjoy each moment as it comes. Mindfulness definitely aids concentration on the task at hand. Here is what Headspace aims at and I definitely can see it:

“Our simple idea is to teach the world to meditate, so that everyone can live a
happier, healthier, more enjoyable life.” – Headspace

Hey…. isn’t that what we all are looking for?

(Also linking up with Amanda’s Running with Spoons TOL series today. Do check out her cute blog when you get a chance)


16 thoughts on “Are you fit….mentally?

    • pondernwonder says:

      Yup. Nothing like a good dose of ‘me’ time. I wish weekend were 3 days every week. That would give me plenty of ‘me’ time with my coffee. Haha!


  1. runawaybridalplanner says:

    I’ve never heard of this type of mental health, but love the concept. even more than you can just do it with the time you have, when you have it.
    Meditation type techniques I think are things we should all do, it’s in my opinion part of that mind, spirit and body. Sometimes we just need a break even if for a few minutes a day to let our minds relax!
    Great idea for a post! I actually learned a few new things too, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • pondernwonder says:

      Yup very true! Another reason I was hooked was it has a sports section that focuses on competition, focus, motivation and training 🙂


  2. Mind Body Soul Stylist says:

    I was so excited to read your post today promoting meditation! I’m a huge advocate for the practice. I love Headspace with my kids. On my own, I’ve been using Insight Timer. And I also try to get to meditation class when I can. I’ve noticed huge shifts in my life because of my meditation practice. It’s exercise for the mind!

    Liked by 1 person

    • pondernwonder says:

      That’s awesome that you are such a regular follower of the art! It has definitely helped me a lot. I will have to check out Insight Timer as well. Thanks for that tip!


    • pondernwonder says:

      Haha… I know right… It’s hard to love meditation because we have this notion that it’s boring. Guilty as charged! I hope you like headspace. Let me know your thoughts when you get a chance to check it out.


  3. Chaitali says:

    Happy belated birthday! And thanks for sharing about headspace 🙂 I had never heard of it before. I use an app called Calm but it doesn’t have animations to go along with the meditations. That sounds like a cool feature. I’ll have to check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

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