It’s Alright…

It’s almost Thursday and that means it’s time for a ‘Thinking Out Loud‘ post on the blog! Today’s post is pretty random. The busy-bee in me didn’t plan on doing any posts for the next few weeks. A long things-to-do list is keeping me on my toes until July 1 (#vacationtime). I wouldn’t have imagined myself writing a blog post tonight, but I guess, the writer in me was calling out to pen these words. So here I am, writing some of the bits and pieces of thoughts that have been rambling in the minds of Ms. Ponder.

Life may not will not go as per our plans. Many a times, it happens with an exact 180° shift from what we expect. The reasons may be many. The situation may be different each time. The intensity of the problem may be variable. Almost nothing is under our control. Possibly the only thing over which we have a “supposed” power to exhibit in such ‘non-expectant’ scenarios is our attitude. Oh don’t you worry. This isn’t going to be one of those articles where I talk about positive attitude and the importance of having a positive mindset and positive thinking and blah blah blah. Trust me when I say that I am not qualified to do that!! 

So, where is all this leading to, you may ask?!?!?! Off late, if not for a more positive attitude in undesirable situations, I have been trying to take a deep breathe in and say ‘It’s alright‘ as I breathe out.


It’s alright it didn’t happen as desired….
Most of the time, plan ‘A’ gets backfired. 

It’s alright you failed the first time…
It taught you to tread the path so slime. 

It’s alright that you haven’t achieved it yet…
It taught your next failing time, how not to fret.  

It’s alright that no one believed in you…
The faith you had in you, did it help accrue.

It’s alright you let other people down…
You at least tried, well before sundown. 

It’s alright that you did cry it out…
The rain of courage follows a drought.

It’s alright if you’re all alone in this journey…
Rather be alone than with a pestering attorney. 

It’s alright that you let go and moved on…
Time to start anew, a new day begins to dawn. 

It’s alright…
You’ll be alright…!


I am linking up with Amanda’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ series today. My first blog link up!
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