One Word

Life isn’t perfect! For whom? You? Me? Well, the answer is straight and simple! The imperfections and blemishes in the lives of all the 7 billion people on Mother Earth is what sustains the wheel of life. The ‘defects’ we see in our physical milieu, with a score of unfulfilled needs is what breeds the continuity of time and our diligent efforts for a better tomorrow.

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In the past couple of days weeks months, the ‘so-called’ mind has been restless!!! It has been seeking answers with no end at sight or even a slight hint of it. The urge to go down that rabbit hole to find something a mere more meaningful and yet remain clueless, can be exciting and yet, frustrating. The whole ‘life is awesome‘ outward attire doesn’t seem to corroborate with the inner workings of the mind. There have been days when punching the next person’s face or throwing a tantrum around and slamming the door on someone, have been raging thoughts that have popped up. I shall not lie. While, it sounds overly empowering in your head, truth be told, performing such baseless stunts provides only a temporary succor to the pain. It gives you a sense of gratification for a few minutes. But, before long, the mind is once again embroiled in its own whirlpool of agitation.

During such ‘arrrrghhhhhh’ moments, what eased in a sense of calmness was ONE WORD! The dictionary meaning of a word is ‘even the smallest amount of something spoken or written‘.

ONE WORD of kindness:
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless”.
Yes Mother Teresa, you said it right! Our inner frustrations may not solve itself overnight, but a word or two of kindness, from a friend or a colleague or even a stranger, can definitely put a lid on it. Truly was my spirits lifted on days when random acts of kindness were showered on me. A simple, yet well meant ‘Thank You’ overwhelmed me, with a sense of well-being.

ONE WORD of support:
“I believe in you. You can do it”. Typical cliched words, am I right? However, the power of strength that such words possess cannot be undermined. A small reassurance to further strengthen my inner self-confidence was bolstered from such outer supports systems of words of encouragement. That feeling of suddenly being buoyed up by a friend on the other end of the seesaw….priceless!

ONE WORD of love:
“You cannot always oblige, but you can always speak obligingly” – Voltaire
What’s a sentence, but for a few words strung together with weird characters and some spaces. A dry and barren land of alphabets and words! Yet, all that it needs is a genuine feeling of love to water it into a pithy utterance of integrity. A well meant statement filled with love is akin to that elevating feeling of being uplifted by that magical Aladdin carpet during a mid-air drop!

ONE WORD of silence:
Many a times, the best words spoken are those that are left unspoken. All you need is a silent listener!

It’s alright to be ‘worldly’ wise, but it’s also important to be ‘wordly’ wise!




One thought on “One Word


    What a fine portrayal of the behaviour human mind so succinctly brought out in all its aspects
    The reader will be really enriched by additional knowledge on human behaviour
    toponder and make necessary amends for one’s weakness by proper retrospection
    Congratulations to the author and look forward to many moe blogs in days to come

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