Is it just me or has 2016 been a swift and fleeting year thus far? Saying life has been ridiculously crazy would be an understatement and yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Reminded by an old popular adage – “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop“, says so much about how life has not been, since the curtains of 2016 were lifted. As humbled as I am by the many wonderful opportunities that have come my way, it has also led to a great deal of introspection. The dude who gave us that popular proverb, many gazillion years ago, was so intuitive!!! Being busy in the most basic and physical sense, means that all the negativity in my life and in my mind have been shunned out. In a way, there hasn’t been time to think about the “lulls” of life. And the result has been a simple, yet the biggest smile on my face…each day!!

What better time to contemplate on life than this week! What is this week, you ask? My little baby a.k.a my blog turned 1 month. On April 4, I started Ponder ‘N’ Wonder officially on a whim. Here it is today, slowly being nurtured with some attention each day. Of course, rules demand there should be a post today! I am a big believer that the little things in life give the most happiness and they require every bit of celebration!


Celebration = Food; Food = Celebration

Speaking of nurturing, Mother’s Day is around the corner and this post could not have been more aptly timed. While life brought me back to art after 9 years, it was my dear mom who instilled this love for art in me about 20 years ago. She gets credit for my artistic genes as well, I suppose. The twinkle in her eyes when she had a paint brush in hand, the itch in her fingers to add some color to the blank canvas in front and the thick working concentration to sew the thread into the needle, were probably just three of the many inspirational and striking qualities that she portrayed, to entice me into the colorful world of art.

A month ago, I had the good opportunity to be a part of the ‘National Art Program‘ at Johns Hopkins. Yeah Yeah, we are more than just a science nerdy school. The program was instituted to promote the artistic talents and hone the skills of Hopkins employees and their families. The ‘shy me‘ did not want to take part in it. I mean, I can barely call myself an artist. But, I guess, this year to me, meant that I must take in all that life can offer,  and it was this ‘crazy-2016-me’ that signed up for it. Only to realize, that this opportunity gave me a chance ,to not only touch those fancy acrylic paint brushes after 9 years, but also to contemplate and draw parallels between the similarity of life and art.

(Sorry my dear readers, I promise a blog post at some point, without the word ‘life’ in it. I just can’t seem to control my philosophical urges. It’s a disease!!!)

  1. Life is a big blank canvas. We all are tiny little creatures, wanting to make a mark in it. The ‘where’ and ‘how’ to start remains abstract. A sense of fear exists that we might tarnish that pretty white canvas – the unforeseeable future that lies in front of us. 


  2. The image of dust and dirt collecting upon it, urges us to trace our first path onto it. A thin line indicating the start.line
  3. The first line of thought has sculptured our courage to darken those outlines. Let’s dip into what lies ahead.

    thick line
  4. The once vague outlines are now more solidified geometrical shapesThe concrete outlines have begun to shape our thought patterns. 


    Apologies for the slightly blur picture

  5. Our minuscule creation gives us the inner strength to get those hands dirty. Time to splash in some color onto our monochromatic path. 

  6. Many a times, we mess up too!!!

    Mess up

    Who adds dark orange near red?!?!?

  7. But, always and ever always, life gives us a chance to paint over our mistakes. We may not be able to recolor our dark past, but, we can always plug in some add-ons to write over it. The past remains as a disguised background serving a constant reminder and lesson. 

    Write on - 2

  8. The pitfalls give us added courage to emboss some intricacies onto our path.Intricacies
  9. Finally, all the handwork put in, has now crafted a whole new sense of beauty.Final
  10. It’s time to take pride in our aesthetic accomplishment. This beautiful composition was created by us.Pride
  11. And just like that, it’s time to move on… Time to create a new mural in life. A blank white canvas awaits us.canvas 2






  1. Skyyclad says:

    Very nice work Madhuri. I didn’t know about this hidden talent of yours. After 9 years of gap, if you were this brilliant, you should probably take it up seriously and turn it into a business. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • pondernwonder says:

      Thanks Vamsi. I’m no where close to turning it into a business. Have a long way to go!
      Side note and mini-brag of the day: This art got selected to be a part of the permanent display at the newly opening cancer building at Hopkins! 🙂


  2. Afreen says:

    Just when I was thinking how unpredictable life is and how we can take one step at a time with courage to achieve the level where we can make it beautiful, this was a perfect read……I must say I am admiring your writing a little more each day, keep it up and keep bringing smiles on your face and others jus like u do always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Divya Ravi says:

    I am sure liking the new 2016 Madhuri 🙂 I am proud of you for going out of your way to refresh the artistic talent in you. It’s indeed a great thought – “Life is a big blank canvas”. It is the art we make out of it that defines how it takes it’s course. I have become a fan of your art work. Keep up this motivation to explore the creative side of you. I’m sure you have more to offer than you would ever imagine.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lakshminarasimhan Ramaswamy says:

    Words fail to express my appreciation of the most innovative way of expressing how a blank life can be converted into an artistic and colourful life with introspection will and determination Mathu you are really Great!! Keep it up Up and I wish you success In your future endeavours

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

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