The Darkness of Life

Oh Mother Earth! The world of mornings and nights, 
Your motion has brought about days with lights, 
Alternating with nights of darkened silence, 
One would admire your scheme of brilliance. 

We pay respect to the morning sun, 
That sets the pace for us to run, 
But can the light of this star, 
Ignite our life without a scar. 

We live a life of worries and distress, 
That adds to it, the flavor of darkness, 
With no choice left but to brood, 
Everything seems so unfair and rude. 

Our daily routine is the first sign of frustration, 
That leaves us with no time for relaxation, 
Living each day without any meaning, 
Oh fellow beings! It’s highly saddening. 

Gone are the days of inner peace, 
Life seems like a broken piece, 
With happiness taken on a lease, 
Nothing seems to go with ease. 

Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love, 
That once protected us like a glove, 
Have become commodities rare to find, 
Looks like character has taken a step behind. 

The thought of service to humanity, 
Seems no longer the purpose of our community, 
With levels of ego above the high, 
I do lament, Why Oh Why! 

Words of true affection burnt in a pyre, 
A fake smile is now our outward attire, 
Filled with a bin of negative desire, 
Our heart would soon surrender to retire. 

Everything seems dark and gloomy, 
The thought of happiness is all so dreamy, 
Outward pleasure is what we run after, 
Just to end up in a pickle of disaster. 

Standing to the best of its stature, 
Forgotten is the admirable nature, 
Life is as dried up as its leaves, 
With the fuel of energy tucked up our sleeves. 

No longer exists healthy competition, 
Leaving us with no motivation, 
Alas! We have reached this declaration, 
That life lived is without any accreditation. 

Sitting atop is the Master of Creation, 
Our lives’ drama has become His recreation, 
He laughs and giggles at our foolishness, 
But we confine ourselves in the shell of darkness. 

Time accelerates and waits for none, 
So pack your bags and begin to run, 
Work towards your passion and happiness, 
To break down all the shackles of darkness. 

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