My Parents

Long time ago, God alighted on earth,
To us, He was born in human birth,
Disguised in the form of our parents,
In order to provide ceaseless guidance.

First came to life our dad named as AVM,
With an inborn zest of writing many a poem,
A superb and amazing being by personality,
One would admire his life’s technicality.

His patience and serenity is his plus,
Love and affection has been in surplus,
He taught us the human values of life,
That we must put to use in all kinds of strife.

Truth, righteousness, peace and love,
Protect him throughout like a glove,
Vedas make him look like a priest,
And protects the family from the beast.

His sole purpose is Service to humanity,
No wonder he’s a part of Sai community,
His life revolves around spirituality,
Making life free from any ambiguity.

A Financial Controller by profession,
Stock Market has become his addiction,
His work comprises of his entire dedication,
In order to meet the date of submission.

Second in row is our mom named Mythili,
The only person who knows us that perfectly,
One would say the world’s best mother ideally,
With no doubt, I would consent to it wholeheartedly.

A person brilliant in Art and painting,
Doing physics is what she is repenting,
Creative in making intriguing rangoli,
A fusion of colours put together fantastically.

Her cuisine is what we truly relish,
In matters of her food, we do become selfish,
Yoga is what that keeps her trim and fit,
And in her free time, she sits to knit.

Her striking quality is her enthusiasm,
That ultimately ends in a muscle spasm,
Talented in everything in high quality,
Truly admirable is her hospitality.

She makes our home look like a temple,
With cleanliness always in ample,
Singing bhajans gives her abundant bliss,
Without any line going a miss.

Muku and Mathu, We their children,
Consider them our life’s emblem,
For giving us a life so wonderful,
In return, we shall remain ever dutiful.

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