A Tribute to Friendship

The Journey at VIT, the one to remember,
Splendid it was ‘cause of many a member,
And they are called my dearest friends,
The ones who set my daily trends.

Hostel was a new life of its own,
Place where one could never be alone,
The only aspect of terrible burden,
I would say was our nosey warden.

Aruna Ganesh, a childhood buddy,
I would call her a life-size teddy,
Nithya Anguraj, the elder sis,
Head-in-charge of the b’day biz.

Next in line is the ENI couple,
Paru being the ‘help all’ bubble,
Sakshi known as next door one,
Enter their rooms for fun-oh-fun.

Asha, the one who filled our tummy,
With so many dishes, oh so yummy,
Anna and Saloni, our movie source,
Making our lappies, a daily resource.

Here comes my Biotech gang,
Hexagon being our place of hang,
Proxy and Xerox, our daily lingo,
Sat through classes playing bingo.

Madhuri and Priyanka are my pals,
Making us three, the powerpuff gals,
Ritu being the fuel of my laughter,
Jokes we crack with haha thereafter.

CATS and TEE, Nandu to the rescue,
A dear friend to always help you,
Neha Singh being the coolest of all,
Seeing her chill, one would go appal.

Mahi, the girl as sweet as honey,
Classes with her are all time funny,
Hemant who sought my advice to heed,
With Jishnu around, a brother indeed.

Pranay being my partner in crime,
PJs we cracked to lighten the time,
Mayank being the copier machine,
Together, we all relived our teen.

 Being your friend was a true blessing,
Will miss you all, as time goes passing,
A promise of contact is what I extend,
Memories of past, we shall befriend.

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